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Table 1 SAMPA transcription of the standard French phones

From: A preliminary study on improving the recognition of esophageal speech using a hybrid system based on statistical voice conversion

Number IPA SAMPA Example
1 p p pont [po\(\sim\)]
2 b b bon [bo\(\sim\)]
3 t t temps [ta\(\sim\)]
4 d d dans [da\(\sim\)]
5 k k coût [ku]
6 g g gant [ga\(\sim\)]
7 f f femme [fam]
8 v v vent [va\(\sim\)]
9 s s sans [sa\(\sim\)]
10 z z zone [zOn]
11 j j ion [jo\(\sim\)]
12 m m mont [mo\(\sim\)]
13 n n nom [no\(\sim\)]
14 N ring [riN]
15 ʃ S champ [Sa\(\sim\)]
16 ʒ Z gens [Za\(\sim\)]
17 ɔ O comme [kOm]
18 o o gros [gRo]
19 u u doux [du]
20 y y du [dy]
21 ə @ de [d@]
22 l l long [lo\(\sim\)]
23 ʁ R rond [Ro\(\sim\)]
24 w w quoi [kwa]
25 ɥ H juin [ZHe\(\sim\)]
26 i i si [si]
27 e e blé [ble]
28 ɛ E seize [sEz]
29 a a patte [pat]
30 ø 2 deux [d2]
31 œ 9 neuf [n9f]
32 9\(\sim\) brun [br9\(\sim\)]
33 e\(\sim\) vin [ve\(\sim\)]
34 a\(\sim\) vent [va\(\sim\)]
35 o\(\sim\) bon [bo\(\sim\)]
36 sil - or sil silence