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Table 7 The decision makers’ judgments over a defined period of time

From: An improved hybrid multi-criteria/multidimensional model for strategic industrial location selection: Casablanca industrial zones as a case study

Criteria Time L1 L2 L3 L4 Weight
C1 2000 L M L VL 0.314
2007 VL H L H
2014 H M H M
C2 2000 VL L M L 0.138
2007 M M H L
2014 M M H M
C3 2000 L L M VL 0.035
2007 M M M L
2014 M VH H M
C4 2000 VL M L L 0.157
2007 L M M L
2014 L H M M
C5 2000 M L VL L 0.047
2007 M L L M
2014 H M M VH
C6 2000 L L H M 0.309
2007 M L H H
2014 M M VH H