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Table 2 Criteria required for implementation of a mammography screening program in LDCs

From: Mammography screening in less developed countries

Target population Breast cancer prevalence, incidence and mortality rates
Life expectancy
Sensitivity and specificity to mammography
Socioeconomic and educational level
Resources Mammogram equipment (quantity and quality)
Trained personnel
Program methods Age of initiation (40 or 50)
End age (69 or >70)
Frequency (once every 1, 2, 3 years)
View (single or double)
Technique (digital or film)
Review method (1 or 2 radiologists)
Combine BSE and/or CBE
Combine other image
Outcomes Short term outcome
Mortality deduction rate
Overdiagnosis rate
False Positive rate
Cost-effectiveness analysis Methods of CEA
Crosswise and longitudinal comparison