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Table 2 Genes and corresponding functions putatively disrupted by T-DNA insertion in via EMT and AMT

From: Ensifer-mediated transformation: an efficient non-Agrobacterium protocol for the genetic modification of rice

Sample Gene Intron/exon Function
 11197/11199 LOC_Os07g48450.1 Intron No apical meristem protein, putative, expressed
 11280M1 LOC_Os06g51490.1 Exon PHD-finger domain containing protein, putative, expressed
 11470 LOC_Os10g02260.1 Exon Peptide transporter PTR2, putative, expressed
 11471 LOC_Os01g52380.1 Exon Expressed protein
 11694 LOC_Os02g13530.1 Exon 40S ribosomal protein S24, putative, expressed
 11379 LOC_Os04g43270.1 3′ UTR WAX2, putative, expressed
 11420 LOC_Os03g63540.1 3′UTR Lysine-rich arabinogalactan protein 19 precursor, putative, expressed
 11814 LOC_Os04g34440.1 Exon Ubiquitin interaction motif-containing protein, putative, expressed