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Table 2 Definition of descriptors using for development of QSAR models

From: Discovery of novel 1,2,3-triazole derivatives as anticancer agents using QSAR and in silico structural modification

Descriptor Type Definition
R5e+ GETAWAY descriptors R maximal autocorrelation of lag 5/weighted by Sanderson electronegativity
nArCOOR Functional group counts Number of esters (aromatic)
RDF105m RDF descriptors Radial Distribution Function—105/weighted by mass
MATS7m 2D autocorrelations Moran autocorrelation of lag 7 weighted by mass
MATS8v 2D autocorrelations Moran autocorrelation of lag 8 weighted by van der Waals volume
Lop lopping centric index Topological indices
R7m GETAWAY descriptors R autocorrelation of lag 7/weighted by atomic masses