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TableĀ 8 Comparison of literature work and interview session findings

From: Exploring reprioritization through systematic literature surveys and case studies

S. no. Parameter of interest (availability) Interview sessions findings Literature survey findings Whether finding consistent with from literature findings
1 Identification of stakeholders No No Yes
2 Sound reprioritization techniques No No Yes
3 Decision aspect reprioritization No No Yes
4 Parameter minimization based reprioritization techniques Noa Yesc Yes
5 Mass market based reprioritization Nob Yesc Yes
6 Reprioritization of already prioritized, changed, backlog and new requirements No Yesc Yes
7 Applicability of prioritization technique for reprioritization No No No
  1. aReprioritization is simply prioritization in case of organizations. So it will be better if it is called parameter minimization based prioritization
  2. bAs discussed earlier, consideration of the mass market is only partial
  3. cLimited techniques are available. This represents the need for further research in the area