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Table 3 Literature work of papers related to conceptual models

From: Exploring reprioritization through systematic literature surveys and case studies

S. no. Paper reference Findings and deliverable
1. Racheva et al. (2008) The paper identified various issues in prioritization; factors governing and influencing the client’s decision making during reprioritization are presented. Few solution strategies are also given by the authors
2. Racheva et al. (2010a) Conceptual model of reprioritization is built on the basis of survey of literature. Factors influencing the reprioritization decision making are identified and is considered as a refined form of those identified earlier
3. Racheva et al. (2010b) The conceptual model as created above is further refined as a result of interactions with the industry participants. This is because of the insights brought by the software development firms
4. Bakalova et al. (2011) The conceptual models as created above are further refined as a result of more series of interviews with software development firms. “Dependencies” was the new factor to be added. These conceptual models are considered true reflections of industrial practices. The seven identified factors are searched in the prioritization description in literature to identify gaps. These gaps provide future directions for research work
5. Daneva et al. (2013) Carried out a survey to uncover different aspects related to the process of prioritization at inter iteration time, i.e. reprioritization. This paper identified the different roles as played by different people at client and vendor side, reprioritization criteria’s adopted, factors affecting manner reprioritization is carried out