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Table 4 General classification of winged aphid species captured using yellow water-pan traps between 2010 and 2011 in a passion fruit plantation in Pinhalzinho, São Paulo State, southeastern Brazil

From: Survey of aphid population in a yellow passion fruit crop and its relationship on the spread Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus in a subtropical region of Brazil

Aphid species Occurrence Dominance Status
A. craccivora Accidental Accessorial Intermediate
A. fabae/solanella Constant Dominant Common
A. gossypii Constant Dominant Common
A. spiraecola Accidental Accidental Rare
A. solani Constant Dominant Common
B. brassicae Accidental Accidental Rare
M. euphorbiae Constant Accessorial Intermediate
M. persicae Constant Accessorial Intermediate
N. ribisnigri Accessorial Accidental Intermediate
P. bursarius Constant Dominant Common
P. nigronervosa Accidental Accidental Rare
T. aurantii Accidental Accidental Rare
T. citricidus Accessorial Accidental Intermediate
U. sonchi Accidental Accidental Rare