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Table 1 Summary of 15 consecutive patients with ectopia lentis

From: How far is observation allowed in patients with ectopia lentis?

Case no/sex/age at initial visit/final visit (years) Visible equator of the lens in both eyes Family history of ectopia lentis Diagnosis Age at surgery The reason for surgery Visual acuitya & refractive error (diopter) at distance
Visual acuitya at near
Visual acuityb & refractive error (diopter) at distance after surgery
1/M/3/16 Temporal Grandfather (aphakia)
Mother (Case 3)
Sister (Case 2)
Familial ectopia lentis 16
IOL suture in both eyes
Difficulty in school class 0.07 s.-2.0 c.-2.0A180 0.6 0.6 s.+2.5 c.-5.0A10
0.06 s.-2.0 c.-2.5A180 0.6 0.6 s.+0.75 c.-3.5A25
2/F/7/13 Temporal Grandfather (aphakia)
Mother (Case 3)
Brother (Case 1)
Familial ectopia lentis Not done   0.1 s.+2.0 c.-4.0A90 0.4  
0.1 s.+2.0 c.-4.0A90 0.4  
3/F/36/42 Temporal Father (aphakia)
Son (Case 1)
Daughter (Case 2)
Familial ectopia lentis 36
IOL suture in both eyes
Cataract in both eyes 0.1 s.-16.0 c.-1.0A180 0.1 1.0 s.-2.5 c.-0.5A125
0.1 s.-16.0 c.-1.0A180 0.1 0.9 s.-0.75 c.-1.0A180
4/M/2/10 Nasal Father (aphakia)
Brother (Case 5)
Sister (Case 6)
Marfan syndrome Not done   1.0 s.-10.0 c.-2.0A180 0.9  
0.4 s.-10.0 c.-3.0A10 0.3  
5/M/5/14 Nasal Father (aphakia)
Brother (Case 4)
Sister (Case 6)
Marfan syndrome
Funnel chest
12 Aphakic optical axis in RE 0.04 s.+14.5 c.-0.75A180 0.1 0.9 s.+15.0 c.-1.0A180
0.8 s.-13.5 c.-3.0A20 0.6 1.5 s.+14.0 c.-1.5A180
6/F/9/17 Nasal Father (aphakia)
Brother (Case 4)
Brother (Case 5)
Marfan syndrome
Mitral valve prolapse
Not done   0.9 s.-8.5 c.-2.0A180 0.9  
1.0 s.-8.5 c.-2.0A180 0.9  
7/M/6/15 Inferonasal None Marfan syndrome
Not done   0.9 s.-1.5 0.4  
0.4 s.-1.25 c.-3.0A180 0.1  
8/F/2/8 Inferonasal None Marfan syndrome
Mitral valve prolapse
Not done   0.5 s.-12.25 0.2  
0.3 s.-12.25 0.4  
9/M/3/8 Temporal None Sporadic ectopia lentis 6 Traumatic lens dislocation to anterior chamber in RE 0.5 s.-8.0 0.5 1.0 s.+15.75 c.-2.0A180
0.3 s.-8.0 0.3 1.0 s.+15.25 c.-1.25A180
10/M/3/7 Inferior Mother (aphakia)
Brother (Case 11)
Familial ectopia lentis Not done   0.8 s.-3.0 c.-6.0A10 0.9  
1.0 s.-0.5 c.-5.5A180 0.9  
11/M/2/4 Inferior Mother (aphakia)
Brother (Case 10)
Familial ectopia lentis Not done   0.3 s.-4.5 c.-2.25A25 0.4  
0.2 s.-7.0 c.-5.0A13 0.4  
12/F/5/9 Inferonasal Father Marfan syndrome 6 Difficulty in school class 0.2 s.-5.5 c.-5.0A50 0.3 1.2 s.+14.0 c.-1.0A180
0.1 s.0 c.-4.0A180 0.1 1.5 s.+14.0 c.-1.5A180
13/M/4/7 Temporal None Sporadic ectopia lentis 4 Aphakic optical axis in RE 0.07 s-4.5 c.-2.75A165 0.2 1.0 s.+15.0 c.-1.0A20
0.06 s.-7.0 c.-5.0A13 0.2 1.0 s.+15.0 c.-1.0A150
14/M/5/9 Inferonasal Mother
Familial ectopia lentis
Moderate mental retardation
Not done   0.1 s.-6.0 0.4  
0.1 s.-6.0 0.4  
15/F/6/6 Inferior None Sporadic ectopia lentis Not done   0.8 s.-0.5 c.-2.5A170 0.9  
0.8 s.-1.0 c.-5.25A175 0.8  
  1. RE right eye, IOL intraocular lens, s. spherical, c. cylindrical, A axis
  2. aVisual acuity: best-corrected visual acuity at the final visit in patients with observation while best-corrected visual acuity just before the surgery in patients with lensectomy. Refractive error, determined basically by autorefraction and also by trial-lens exchange in elder patients
  3. bVisual acuity: best-corrected visual acuity at the final visit