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Table 1 Summary of previously reported cases of GIST parietal recurrence in the literature (Kaczmarek et al. 2001; Davies et al. 2008; Furukawa et al. 2012)

From: Abdominal wall recurrence of a gastrointestinal stromal tumor: case report

  Localization Tumor size Intervention Recurrence site Specimen results/mitotic index Extraction preventive measures
Kaczmarek et al. (2001) Stomach GIST 4 × 4 cm Endoscopic wedge resection Port-site metastasis >5 No information
Davies et al. (2008) Stomach GIST 13 cm Laparoscopic diagnostic + biopsies Port-site metastasis Malignant GIST+
Strongly positive CD117
No information
Furukawa et al. (2012) Stomach GIST Laparoscopic partial gastrectomy Umbilical wound recurrence GIST
No information