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Table 3 Model Outputs—Total Costs and QALYs Gained with ICERs

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative cooling strategies following cardiac arrest

Output variable Total Costs ($)
Total QALYs Based on Life Expectancy Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio ($/QALY)
Cooling Strategy    
 Cooling Blankets $ 108,640 1.76 Reference
 Conventional Care $ 118,340 1.33 Dominated by Cooling Blankets
 Peritoneal Lavage $ 147,619 2.43 $58,329
 V-V ECMO $ 161,226 1.55 Dominated by Cooling Blankets
  1. QALY Quality-Adjusted Life Year, ICER Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio, V-V ECMO veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.