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Table 1 Process mining techniques and terms used in this study

From: Process modeling and bottleneck mining in online peer-review systems

Plug-in Description
Alpha miner Discovers a Petri net using the α-algorithm
Heuristic miner Discovers a C-net using heuristic mining
Fuzzy miner Discovers a fuzzy model using fuzzy mining
Social network miner Creates a social network based on a selected criterion
LTL checker Checks a property expressed in terms of LTL
Fitness Computes fitness of Petri net based on event log
Replying The process of checking, comparing and connecting traces of events in an authentic log with a pre-defined master model
Conformance checker Analyzes the gap between a model and the real data to detect violations
Performance analysis with petri net Uses replaying to retrieve various Key Performance Indicators
  1. Source: (Aalst 2011).