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Table 1 Anticonvulsants per year

From: Novel way to investigate evolution of children refractory epilepsy by complexity metrics in massive information

Anticonvulsant Year Comments Seizures MSE BMSE
IMI, PA 2006 First medicines consumed. Stopped suddenly NA NA NA
VPA+, TPM, CLB, VPA 2007 Beginning of VA NA NA NA
VPA, LTG, TPM, VPA+, CLB, LEV, ATX, ESM, PSE, MDZ 2008* Pancreatitis. Beginning of ESM,LEV. ATX worsen seizures \(\surd \) OK OK
TPM, LEV, LTG, PSE, ESM, CZP, ZNS 2009 ZNS useless. Retirement of ETS worsen seizures NA NA NA
ZNS, ESM, CZP, LEV, CZP 2010* CZP useless. Seizures worse \(\times\) Bad Bad
CZP, LEV, LTG, ESM, PB 2011* PB useless \(\times \) Bad Bad
LCM, ESM, LEV, LTG, CZP 2012 LCM shows up.ETS retired again worsening seizures NA NA NA
LCM, LEV, LTG, PRM, CZP, Q10, ESM 2013a* Gastritis aggravate \(\surd \) OK OK
LEV, ESM, LCM, LTG, CZP 2013b* Idem \(\surd \) OK OK
  1. \(\surd \) and \(\times \), a relative good and poor control of seizures, respectively; NA, not applicable.
  2. * an EEG was recorded in that year and is used in this work