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Table 1 Detailed description of S. meliloti 1021 gene clusters missing from the S. meliloti AK21 genome

From: Genomic characterization of Sinorhizobium meliloti AK21, a wild isolate from the Aral Sea Region

Gene Clusters Size (kb) Gene IDa Number of genes Annotated functions
C1 19.6 SMc02187–SMc02151 14 Conserved hypothetical proteins; helicase DNA-binding protein
C2 18.1 SMc02326–SMc02303 18 Restriction-modification system (hsdM/S/R)
C3 10 SMc00267–SMc00276 10 Dehydrogenase; transketolase; transporter system; transcriptional regulator
C4 7.8 SMc00504–SMc00497 8 Transcriptional regulator; putative transmembrane proteins
C5 11.6 SMc01741–SMc01554 13 Conserved hypothetical proteins; acyl transferases; acyl carrier protein
C6 79.1 SMc03246–SMc03769 63 Temperate phage insertion; peptide/amino-acid metabolism and transport
A1 97.3 SMa0298–SMa0476 94 Transcriptional regulator; amino acid metabolism; deshydrogenase; ABC transporter systems; adenylate/guanylate cyclase (cyaI2)
A2 92.8 SMa0947–SMa1141 107 ABC transporter systems; adenylate/guanylate cyclase (cyaP); regulatory elements; cation transport
A3 66 SMa2113–SMa2245 59 ABC transporter systems; dehydrogenases; oxidoreductases; aminotransferases
A4 15.4 SMa2337–SMa2341 11 Rhizobactin biosynthesis and transport
B1 21.2 SMb20823–SMb20841 22 Capsular biosynthesis and export
  1. aGene identification according to the annotated genome of S. meliloti 1021.