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Table 3 Description of variables used to create a logistic regression model for climate change perception of pastoralist/agropastoralists in the Borana lowlands, Ethiopia

From: Perception of climate change and its impact by smallholders in pastoral/agropastoral systems of Borana, South Ethiopia

(a) Outcome variable Description Respondents who perceived % (score values) Respondents who did not perceive % (score values)
Level of climate change and its impact on agriculture perceived over the past 20 years Takes the scores from 0 (no perception) to 4 (Noticeable and completely changing the way we farm) 96 (1–4) 4 (0)
(b) Explanatory variables   Mean SD
Age Age of the HH head in years; categorical, 1 if young adult, 2 if adult, 3 if old 49.8 15.3
Education School attendance; categorical, 1 if no formal education, 2 if primary, and 3 if secondary 1.1 2.6
Household size Family size of the household in heads; continuous 7.4 2.8
Production system Production system dummy; 0 if agropastoral and 1 if pastoral 0.5 0.5
Livestock holding Herd size of the HH in TLUa; continuous 8.1 9.6
Farm income Annual farm income in USD; continuous 461.9 364.1
Non-farm income Annual non-farm income in USD; continuous 219.7 375.6
Access to climate information Access to climate information dummy; 1 if yes otherwise 0 0.7 0.5
Access to extension service Access to extension service dummy; 1 if yes otherwise 0 0.8 0.4
  1. aTLU = Tropical Livestock Unit; HH = Household, $US =18 Ethiopian Birr in 2012