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Figure 2

From: A nationwide postal survey on the perception of Malaysian public healthcare providers on family medicine specialists’ (PERMFAMS) clinical performance, professional attitudes and research visibility

Figure 2

Adjusted means of cumulative scores in clinical competency, ethical practice, safe practice, professionalism & team work and research & publication according to the different health care facilities after controlling for encounter. CC = clinical competency, EP = ethical practice, SP = safety issue in clinical practice, PT = professional attitude and team-working, RP = research collaboration and publication, Health Facilities = health clinics, health offices and hospitals. Post-hoc Bonferroni multiple comparisons: *HO>HC>HP. †HO = HC>HP, HO>HP. ‡HO>HC. §HO = HC>HP, HO>HP. ||HO = HC>HP, HO>HP.

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