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Table 1 Characteristics of documented cases of adult-onset dermatomyositis-associated panniculitis

From: Calcific panniculitis and nasopharyngeal cancer-associated adult-onset dermatomyositis: a case report and literature review

Case no./Sex/ Age, y Reference no. Temporal relationship of panniculitis and dermatomyositis Associated malignancy Temporal relationship of panniculitis and malignancy Number and location Autoantibodies Panniculitis features Presence of calcinosis
1/F/78y (Lorenzo et al. 1998) 5 months earlier no - N/A N/A N/A N/A
2/F/22y (Weber and Gray 1924) Concurrent N/A - N/A N/A N/A N/A
3/F/44y (Chao and Yang 2000) 2.5 months earlier NS - Multiple/shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, buttock, and bilateral thighs ANA 1:80 (speckled pattern) NS NS
4/F/24y (Winkelmann et al. 1990) 4 months earlier no - Single/left arm Negative Lobular panniculitis with fat necrosis NS
5/F/42y (Fusade et al. 1993) 10 months earlier no - Multiple/buttocks, thighs, arms, abdomen, breasts Negative Lobular panniculitis with fat necrosis NS
6/F/23y (Carneiro et al. 2007) Later no - Multiple/arms ANA 1:40 (speckled pattern) Lobular panniculitis, NS NS
7/M/19y (Carrera et al. 2006) 15 months later no - Several/left thigh Negative Lobular panniculitis resembling cytophagichistiocytic panniculitis NS
8/F/40y (Feldman et al. 1983) 1 year later NS - N/A N/A Septal panniculitis NS
9/F/54y (Molnar et al. 1998) Concurrent no - Multiple/arms Negative Panniculitis, NS NS
10/F/57y (Molnar et al. 1998) Concurrent no - Multiple/buttocks, left thigh and sacral ANA 1:32 (nucleolar pattern) Lobular panniculitis NS
11/F/60y (Nakamori et al. 2003) 8 months earlier no - Several/arms ANA 1:640 Lobular panniculitis NS
12/F/73y (Abdul-Wahab et al. 2009) 4 months later no - Multiple/anterior thighs and upper arms NS NS yes
13/F/50y (Abdul-Wahab et al. 2009) 18 months later NS - Multiple/extensor of all extremities ANA (speckled pattern) NS yes
14/F/29y (Carneiro et al. 2007) Concurrent NS - Multiple/thighs ANA 1:1024 (speckled pattern) Lobular panniculitis with fat necrosis yes
15/M/42y (Lee et al. 1999) 1 year earlier no - Multiple/left buttock and left inguinal area Negative Fat necrosis with membranocystic change yes
16/F/42y (Solans et al. 2002) 17 months later no - Several/right and left upper elbow Negative Lobular necrotizing panniculitis yes
17/F/80y (Solans et al. 2002) 10 months later no - Single/right inner elbow ANA 1:640 (speckled pattern) Lipomembranous change yes
18/F/65y (Ishikawa et al. 1996) Concurrent no - Multiple/buttocks, left thigh, lower right legs Negative Lipomembranous change yes
19/F/60y (Carroll et al. 2014) 2 year later NS - Multiple/thighs and buttocks NS Lobular fat necrosis with PMN infiltration yes
20/F/35y (Lin et al. 2006) 8 months earlier no - Multiple/right arm Negative Lipomembranous change no
21/F/56y (Lin et al. 2006) 2 year after Parotid carcinoma NS Multiple/arms ANA 1:640 (speckled pattern) Lipomembranous change no
22/M/51y (Kuriya et al. 1985) 14 months earlier Rhabdomyosarcoma N/A Single/buttock Negative Panniculitis with fat necrosis N/A
23/F/52y (Leung et al. 2005) Concurrent Rectum carcinoma NS Multiple/thighs NS Lobular panniculitis, NS NS
24/F/63y (Girouard et al. 2012) 25 months earlier Ovarian cancer Panniculitis developed 18 years after diagnosis of malignancy Multiple/arms and thighs ANA 1:160 (speckled pattern) Lobular panniculitis, NS NS
25/F/26y Case report 26 months later Nasopharyngeal cancer Panniculitis developed 25 months after diagnosis of malignancy Multiple/extensor of all extremities, abdomen ANA 1:320 (speckled pattern) Lipomembranous change yes
  1. NS, not specified in report; N/A, data is not available.
  2. ANA, antinuclear antibodies.