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Figure 5

From: Implications of expansin-like 3 gene in Dictyostelium morphogenesis

Figure 5

Delayed development and aberrant structure of the culminant caused by overexpression of ExpL3-myc protein. Cells of the parental Ax2 strain and ExpL3-myc overexpressing strain, where expression was driven by the ecmF promoter, Ax2/[ecmF]:expL3:myc (expL3 oe), were allowed to develop on non-nutrient water agar plates. The time of development is indicated at the left of each row and the strain is indicated above each column. After 24 h of development, although some (~40%) of the expL3 oe strain formed culminant-like structures, majority (~60%) remained as slugs (the far right column). After 3 days of development, the structure formed was apparently abnormal because they formed a thick and short stalk, although they formed a spore head. Bars denote 0.5 mm. Arrows shows slightly unclear basal disc.

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