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Figure 4

From: Implications of expansin-like 3 gene in Dictyostelium morphogenesis

Figure 4

Overexpression of the ExpL3-myc protein driven by the pstA-specific ecmF promoter. A: Physical map of the overexpression construct of the ExpL3-myc fusion protein, pLD1ΔBX[ecmF/expL3-myc]. The late stage and pstA-specific promoter ecmF (Shimada et al. 2004) was used to drive the coding region of the expL3 gene, which includes an intron. B: Expression of ExpL3-myc fusion protein detected by Western blot analysis. Total proteins were extracted from the slugs of the Ax2 strain (lane Ax2) and the ExpL3-myc overexpressing strain (lane expL3 oe), and then subjected to Western blot analysis, as described in the Materials and methods. The filter was probed with anti-c-Myc monoclonal antibody 9E10. The arrow indicates the position of the ExpL3-myc fusion protein (approximately 38 kDa).

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