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Table 4 List of candidate genes identified in the QTL mapped region qShb 9.2

From: Identification of QTLs and possible candidate genes conferring sheath blight resistance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Chr. ID Locus ID Position start – end (bp) Description (RAP-DB annotation)
Chr# 9 Os09g0520550 21076561- 21079025 Hypothetical protein.
Os09g0522000 21137921- 21138817 Similar to CBF-like protein
Os09g0525300 21354401- 21357048 Cyclin-like F-box domain containing protein
Os09g0527900 21478060- 21481626 Similar to Hd1-like protein
Os09g0528700 21523011- 21524758 Cytochrome P450 family protein
Os09g0530800 21626098- 21629408 Proteinase inhibitor, propeptide domain containing protein
Os09g0533200 21770245-21771297 Similar to β-1, 3-glucanase precursor (EC
Os09g0534600 21844366- 21849310 Similar to Heat shock protein 82
Os09g0534800 21860615- 21863638 Transcription initiation factor IIB (TFIIB).
Os09g0535200 21877935-21881669 Conserved Hypothetical protein.
Os09g0535400 21886226-21887515 Curculin-like (mannose-binding) lectin domain containing protein.
Os09g0536000 21895656-21900367 Exodeoxyribonuclease III xth family protein.
Os09g0537700 21987605-21989587 Ribonuclease T2 family protein
Os09g0538450 22028070-22028968 Hypothetical protein.
Os09g0540800 22123789-22125783 Eukaryotic transcription factor, DNA-binding domain containing protein
Os09g0541000 22141777-22143042 Similar to Plasma membrane intrinsic protein (Aquaporin).
Os09g0541900 22170483-22173850 Similar to 26S proteasome subunit RPN3a.
Os09g0543900 22282226-22284281 Transferase family protein.
Os09g0544400 22328257-22346493 Similar to Glutathione S-transferase GST 16 (EC
Os09g0544900 22369643-22374563 Glucose/ribitol dehydrogenase family protein.
Os09g0547800 22484690-22486975 Cyclin-like F-box domain containing protein.
Os09g0549700 22577011-22578446 Ribosomal protein L18P/L5E family protein.
Os09g0551000 22629301-22632936 Protein kinase domain containing protein.
  Os09g0553100 22743724-22744310 Histone H4.
Os09g0553600 22762665-22766553 Similar to NADC homolog.
Os09g0560200 23092024-23093755 Similar to 26S protease regulatory subunit 6B
Os09g0562400 23166029-23177080 Similar to mutator-like transposase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar- group)].
Os09g0563300 23214566-23218631 Similar to RuBisCO subunit binding-protein alpha subunit, chloroplast precursor (60 kDa chaperonin alpha subunit)
Os09g0565400 23345149-23348841 Lipoprotein, type 6 family protein
Os09g0569200 23544922-23548178 Similar to Beta-amylase (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan maltohydrolase).
Os09g0569300 23548388-23551570 Similar to Calmodulin-binding heat-shock protein
Os09g0569400 23551978-23559137 Beta-lactamase-like domain containing protein