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Table 3 Theoretical loop periods (L) predicted by a matrix of possible rotational core and tachocline harmonics partitioned by the inverse of the electromagnetic fine structure constant (α =1/137.0356)

From: The Sun-Earth connect 3: lessons from the periodicities of deep time influencing sea-level change and marine extinctions in the geological record

  Col - p Col - m Col -l Col -k Col - j Col i Col j Col k Col l Col p
Row 1   1.71d 3.41d 6.82d 13.64d 27.275d 54.55d 109.1d 218.2d… [9.56 y]
r, 0
Row 2 Col -p 0.64y 1.28yr 2.56y 5.12y 10.24y 20.48y 40.97y 81.92y 1310y
(29.2d) Fast Sunspot Hale Fast Gleissberg Fast Bond
n, (1/α)
Row 3 Col-p 88y 176yr 351y 702y 1403y 2806y 5612y 11,226y 718,336y
Col -w 10.94y Gleissberg Bond Average
(31.2d) Sunspot m,(1/α2) Pleistocene
Row 4 1499y 12,021y 24,042y 48,106y 96,213 192,426 384,852 769,704y   
(11.71y)   q,(1/α3) Pleistocene
Slow Sunspot Slow Bond
Row 5 823,858y 1.648Ma 3.296Ma 6.59Ma 13.18Ma 26.367Ma 52.73Ma 105.45Ma 210.94Ma  
(12.56y) Slow z,(1/α4)
Sunspot Pleistocene