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Table 1 Climatic characteristics (1971 – 2000) of the two sampling regions, measured at representative weather stations (ZAMG 2014 )

From: Phyllopertha horticola (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) larvae in eastern Austrian mountainous grasslands and the associated damage risk related to soil, topography and management

  Region 1 Region 2
Weather station Fischbach Oberzeiring
Coordinates of the station 47°27'N, 15°53'E 47°15'N, 14°29'E
Altitude (m above sea level) 1,050 930
Situation of the station North-eastern slope Valley, southern slope
Mean temperature (°C) 13.12 13.04
Mean precipitation sum per month (mm) 583.0 525.2
  1. The measured data were averaged across the adult flight and main larval feeding period (May – September) of Phyllopertha horticola (Scarabaeidae).