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Table 2 Selected datasets to be analysed by database

From: Background qualitative analysis of the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD) energy datasets – part I: fuel datasets

ELCD Ecoinvent v2.2 GEMIS 4.7 E3
EU-27: Diesel mix at refinery Diesel, at refinery/RER Refinery\Diesel-generic Diesel-2010/Crude oil refinery
EU-27: Gasoline mix (regular) at refinery Petrol, low-sulphur, at refinery/RER Refinery\Gasoline-generic Gasoline-2010/Crude oil refinery
EU-27: Heavy fuel oil at refinery (1.0 wt.% S) Heavy fuel oil, at refinery/RER Refinery\Oil products-generic Fuel oil/Heavy/Provision
EU-27: Kerosene/Jet A1 at refinery Kerosene, at refinery, RER Refinery\Kerosene (int) -
EU-27: Natural gas mix Natural gas, at long distance pipeline, RER Gas-mix-EU 2005 NG/Extraction + processing
DE: Rapeseed methyl ester (RME) Rape methyl ester, at esterification plant/RER Refinery\Rapeseed oil-ME-iLUC(50%) (arable) FAME/Plant oil/Esterification