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Table 2 Concentrations (mg/g of plant material) of flavonoids reported from Cajanus cajan

From: The flavonoid profile of pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan: a review

Flavonoid Plant organ Concentrations (mg/g) Reference
2′-Hydroxygenistein Stem 0.037a Ingham (1976)
4′-O-methylcajanin Stem 0.022a Ingham (1976)
Apigenin Leaves 0.130b Zu et al. (2006)
0.132a Fu et al. (2008)
0.159b Wei et al. (2013a)
Biochanin A Leaves 0.405b Wei et al. (2013a)
Cajanin Stem 0.074a Ingham (1976)
Cajanol Stem 0.370a Ingham (1976)
Leaves 0.369b Wei et al. (2013a)
Chrysanthemin   2.250b Lai et al. (2012)
Formonentin Leaves 0.318b Wei et al. (2013a)
Genistein Stem 0.105a Ingham (1976)
Isorhamnetin Leaves 0.091b Zu et al. (2006)
Luteolin Leaves 0.263b Zu et al. (2006)
0.268a Fu et al. (2008)
Orientin Leaves 18.82b Wu et al. (2009)
Peonidin 3-glucoside   0.540b Lai et al. (2012)
Pinostrobin Leaves 3.500b Kong et al. (2010)
5.548b Wei et al. (2013a)
30.29b Wu et al. (2009)
Quercetin Leaves 0.082b Zu et al. (2006)
Vitexin Leaves 21.03b Wu et al. (2009)
  1. NB. The highest mean yield (extraction concentration, mg/g) is reported here. aconcentration reported from fresh material, bconcentration reported from dried material.