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Table 2 Applying multistage security

From: MEO based secured, robust, high capacity and perceptual quality image watermarking in DWT-SVD domain

Stages Detail description of given stage
Stage-1: Cover_Object is taken into Wavelet domain.
Stage-2: As per given ‘State’ the Pn_Sequence of Watermark using ‘Key1’ is generated.
Stage-3: Calculate AVG = average of Pn_Sequence
Stage-4: Apply thresholding with ‘Key1’ to generate ‘K’ required for scrambling.
Stage-5: Use Fibonacci-Lucas Transform for scrambling Watermark with K.
Stage-6: Apply Singular Value Decomposition,
Stage-7: Apply ‘Embedding Formula’ with given scale factor K1. This K1 will be used for optimization in Step-8.
Stage-8: Apply MEO to optimize PSNR and NC using K1