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Table 4 List of antibodies and methods of visualization

From: Immunohistochemical analysis in ethinylestradiol-treated breast cancers after prior long-term estrogen-deprivation therapy

  Antibody Source Dilution Visualization
ER 1D5 (Dako) Mouse monoclonal 1:50 Histofine Simple stain MAX-PO° (Nichirei)
PgR PgR636 (Dako) Mouse monoclonal 1:800 Histofine Simple stain MAX-PO° (Nichirei)
AR NCL-AR-318 (Leica) Mouse monoclonal 1:100 VECTASTAIN Elite ABC (Vector)
Ki67 MIB-1 (Dako) Mouse monoclonal 1:50 I-VIEW DAB universal kit (Roche)
BRCA1 MS110 (Abcam) Mouse monoclonal 1:200 Histofine Simple stain MAX-PO° (Nichirei)
IGF1Rb #3027 (CST) Rabbit polyclonal 1:600 VECTASTAIN Elite ABC (Vector)
TGFβR1 8A11 (Abcam) Mouse monoclonal 1:100 VECTASTAIN Elite ABC (Vector)
Fas C18C12 #4233 (CST) Rabbit monoclonal 1:480 SignalStain° boost (CST)
AKT 11E7 #4685 (CST) Rabbit monoclonal 1:100 SignalStain° boost (CST)
pAKT (Ser473) D9E #4060 (CST) Rabbit monoclonal 1:50 SignalStain° boost (CST)
PI3K p85 M253 (Abcam) mouse monoclonal 1:200 VECTASTAIN Elite ABC (Vector)
Her2 anti-HER2 (4B5) (Roche) Rabbit monoclonal   I-VIEW DAB universal kit (Roche)
TUNEL TUNEL Apoptosis Detection Kit (Millipore)