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Table 3 Characteristics of patients and the timing of tissue collection

From: Immunohistochemical analysis in ethinylestradiol-treated breast cancers after prior long-term estrogen-deprivation therapy

Patient number/age Previous treatment EE2 response/biopsy site
   LHRHa LHRHa   LHRHa               
1   + Tam + ANA   + L   TS-1 VNR   PTX   E   EE2   L EE2  
   10m 12m   3m   12m 21m   3m   4m   14m   5m    Responder liver, local
59              ^   ^    
             B   A    
2    TS-1 +                 Responder lymph node
  DTX ANA   E   EC DTX   XC   L   EE2   L EE2  
  15m 13m   5m   13m 24m   6m   7m   14m   6m   
62              ^   ^    
             B   A    
3                  H +   Non-responder local
       FEC XT   ANA   E   EE2   FUL PTX  
        3m 12m   8m   2m   4m   3m   
56       ^    ^   ^     ^    ^
      B    B   B     A    A
   E MPA   Tam   L TS-1   ANA   Tor   EE2   L    Responder skin
4    8m   9m   2m 13m   8m   2m   12m     
64          ^   ^    ^ ^    
         B   B    D A    
   AC H   L   Tor E+H   PTX   L   EE2   FuL    Responder local
5   8m 7m   8m   6m 1m   4m   3m   8m     
58     ^ ^ ^ ^ ^      ^ ^ ^    
    B B B B B      B D A    
  L ANA XC   TS-1   ANA Tor   PTX   ANA   EE2      Responder local
6 16m 3m 9m   3m   2m 7m   11m   3m   14m --     
83              ^   ^    
             B   B    
  1. ^: the time point when tissue was obtained.
  2. B: before EE2 treatment D: During EE2 treatment; A: After EE2 treatment.
  3. Sample shown in bold letter were used in this study.
  4. Abbreviations: ANA: anastozole; AC: doxorubicine + cyclophosphamide; DTX: docetaxel; E: exemestane; EC: Epirubicine + cydophoshamide; FEC: cydoshsphamide + epirubine+5-FU; FUL: fulvestrant; H: herceptine; L: letrozole; MPA: medroxyprogesterone; PTX: paclitaxel; Tam: tamoxifen; Tor: toremifeme; VNR: vinorelubin; XC: capecitabine + cyclophosphamide; XT: capecitabine + docetaxel.