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Figure 3

From: Expression and functional validation of heat-labile enterotoxin B (LTB) and cholera toxin B (CTB) subunits in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa)

Figure 3

Homozygosity of transgenic rice lines (LCI-7 and LCI-11) was analyzed by PCR using RP, LP, BP, and RB sequences. (a) Three primer combinations were used in LCI-7 (left) and LCI-11 (right): the first comprised gene-specific right and left primers (RP1 + LP1 and RP2 + LP2); the second comprised a gene-specific right primer and T-DNA right border primer (RP3 + BP1 and RP2 + BP2); the third comprised a gene-specific left primer and a T-DNA left border primer (LP1 + RB1 and LP2 + BP3). Amplicon sizes are indicated on the right (in kb). (b) T-DNA insertion on chromosome 12 in the LCI-11 rice line. The chromosome regions in which T-DNA insertions were found ranged from 798,649 to 798,672 bp in length.

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