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Figure 3

From: Optogenetic induced epileptiform activity in a model human cortex

Figure 3

Seizures with the ODE model and frequency response of the SPDE system.(a) effect of optogenetic stimulation on oscillatory behaviour in the Γ e - P ee parameter space, using a 60 mW /mm2 illumination intensity (grey) and in an unstimulated cortex (black). The red dot indicates Γ e = 0.0012 and P ee = 11.0, which are used in the full SPDE system. (b) Bifurcation diagram for the underlying deterministic ODE system showing the variation of h e for different illumination intensities. Dashed and solid lines indicate unstable and stable fixed points, respectively. Maximum and minimum values of h e during stable (dot-dashed) and unstable (dashed) limit cycles arising from a subcritical Hopf bifurcation (asterisk) are also shown. (c) Frequency of seizure waves for a given illumination intensity.

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