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Table 4 Support for mBRCs

From: Investment into the future of microbial resources: culture collection funding models and BRC business plans for biological resource centres

Government support Half the collections (over 300) listed by the World Data Centre for Microorganisms receive such support
Private industrial support for participation in the functioning of BRCs Only 22 WDCM registered collections are supported by industry
Private industrial support for internal restricted BRC activities Normally through bilateral contracts
Public and private foundation support There are 40 collections that are privately supported
Public fundraising Not many collections are exploiting this route
Sale of biological resources and technical materials Most public service collections charge a supply fee; Often subsidised for the research community
Provision of specialist services and technical consulting expertise 330 collections deliver identification services and 284 provide consultancy
Research income (grants and contracts) This varies from collection to collection and is dependent on the availability of researchers
Fees for repository service (safe deposits and patented strain maintenance) 100 collections receive patent deposits and 289 offer storage services
Provision of technical courses 283 WDCM registered collections offer training
Exploitation of and adding value to genetic resources Rarely done by the collections
Provision of DNA, cDNA libraries, genomic libraries, filter sets, clones, plates, PCR products, RNAi resources Only a small number of collections offer these as regular services
Data storage and retrieval, data mining tools A specialist set of skills offered rarely
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