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Table 1 Collection development

From: Investment into the future of microbial resources: culture collection funding models and BRC business plans for biological resource centres

Status of collection

Characteristics of collection status

Basic level

• Basic methods for Biological material preservation are available


• Basic documentation level

Intermediate level

• Sound facilities


• Good human resources


• Good technologies in place


• Electronic catalogues and data management


• Operating to international criteria


• Wide stakeholders’ involvement


• Involvement into regional/national networking

High level

• Sustainable human resource training in relevant to BRC domains


• Collection quality management is in place


• Intellectual Property Rights regulations, MTAs; biosafety and biosecurity standards are in place


• Accredited or certified to the operational and quality levels of the International Standards Organization or


• Equivalent


• Clear management program and collection’s strategy in place


• Sustainable fundraising mechanisms with governmental support


• Raise of public awareness in the domain of Biological Resources preservation


• Regular monitoring and adjustment of collection needs


• Leading activity in the regional/national/international networking


• High quality standards collections accredited and certified to the OECD standards

• Functioning according to the OECD instruments