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Table 1 Laboratory data on the first visit

From: Ileocecal ulcers accompanied by relapsing polychondritis: a case report

Peripheral blood Blood chemistry
WBC 10300/μl AST 27 IU/l
RBC 3.2 × 106/μl ALT 27 IU/l
Hb 8.7 g/dl ALP 199 IU/l
Hct 27.2% Γ-GTP 20 IU/l
MCV 85.1 fl LDH 131 IU/l
MCH 27.1 pg T-Bil 0.3 mg/dl
MCHC 31.8% CPK 8 IU/l
PLT 47.7 × 104/μl TP 5.9 g/dl
   Alb 2.9 g/dl
Serological test   BUN 14 mg/dl
CRP 5.4 mg/dl Cr 0.5 mg/dl
   Na 138 mEq/l
   K 4.3 mEq/l
   Cl 100 mEq/l
   Ca 9 mg/dl
  1. WBC white bold cell, RBC red blood cell, Hb hemoglobin, Hct hematocrit, MCV mean corpuscular volume, MCH mean corpuscular volume, MCHC mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, Pl tplatelets, AST aspartate aminotransferese, ALT alanineaminotransferase, ALP alkaline phosphatase, γ-GTP γ-glutamyltransferase, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, T-Bil total bilirubin, CPK ccreatine phosphokinase, TP total protein, Alb albumin, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cr creatinine, Na sodium, K potassium, Cl chloride, Ca calcium, CRP C-reactive protein.