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Table 1 Geographical location of soil sample collection sites

From: Population, diversity and characteristics of cellulolytic microorganisms from the Indo-Burma Biodiversity hotspot

Name of state Site of collection Latitude Longitude Altitude (ft)
SIKKIM Tsomgo Lake Area N27°22.399 E088°45.500 12400
  Panthang N27°22.253 E088°35.288 6810
MANIPUR Mao N25°31.883 E094°07.946 5680
  Moreh N24°15.345 E094°17.316 800
ASSAM Manas National Park N26°42.864 E090°59.166 523
MEGHALAYA Shillong Peak N25°32.539 E091°52.285 6000
AURNACHAL Namdapha National Park N27°29.737 E096°23.393 1100
PRADESH Bomdila N27°16.343 E092°25.344 8284