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Table 5 Details required for reporting ADR events

From: Adverse drug reactions monitoring: prospects and impending challenges for pharmacovigilance

Elements in ADR reporting Necessary information Others References
What should be reported Adverse reactions of the drug, suspected drug’s details, patient’s information Medications overdose, pharmaceutical defect, drug interactions Goldman1998
Who can report medical practitioners or health care professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, assistants, pharmaceutical technicians, pharmaceutical assistants, clinical officers and other health care providers Manufacturers, all government and private hospital’s health center Palaian et al.2006
When it can be reported Any adverse reactions if noticed should be reported as soon as possible. Ravi Shankar et al.2010
How to report Through completely filled yellow card form Ravi Shankar et al.2010
Where it can be reported Fully filled completely ADR form should be submitted to pharmacovigilance center Palaian et al.2006