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Table 1 Study scheme and periodization of the strength training program of the follicular phase-based (FT) and the luteal phase-based training (LT) of the respective leg

From: Effects of follicular versus luteal phase-based strength training in young women

Pre training   3 training cycles Post training
1 2 3
Hormones, Mdm, Fmax, muscle biopsy Training program FP LP FP LP FP LP Hormones, Mdm, muscle biopsy
  FT xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx  
  LT xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx  
   Fmax Fmax Fmax Fmax Fmax Fmax  
  1. FP: follicular phase, LP: luteal phase, FT: follicular phase-based training, LT: luteal phase-based training, Mdm: muscle diameter, Fmax: isometric maximal force of leg extension, x: one single training session.