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Table 4 Means of manager survey

From: Gamification and service marketing

Questions 2 – 4 Chi-Square Tests
  Means df Means
Q1 My business has grown steadily during the last 5 years. 1.80 Q11 My workers believe they have “free time” while at work. 3.50
Q2 I believe I can increase sells during the next 6 months. 1.40 Q12 My workers are willing to learn or be recruited to learn new services marketing techniques. 2.00
Q3 My business tends to have loyal clients who visit more than once. 1.27 Q13 My intent is to implement new technologies to sell more products or services. 1.64
Q4 My consumers feel satisfied with my products. 2.53 Q14 I have enough funds to implement new loyalty programs. 2.57
Q5 My clients obtain positive experiences when they are in contact with my products. 2.20 Q15 My consumers use our company’s website often. 2.29
Q6 My consumers tend to feel they are part of my company. 2.60 Q16 Our company’s website attracts consumers because it gives them an opportunity to earn benefits. 2.14
Q7 I understand the specific needs of my clients. 1.93 Q17 Our company’s website allows consumers to move to have different levels of participation to receive more benefits. 2.36
Q8 If I give my consumers more value, they are willing to pay more for it. 1.73 Q18 Our company website is attractive to consumers. 2.07
Q9 My products are the most preferred in my competitive market. 1.60 Q19 Our website engages consumers. 1.71
Q10 I have loyal workers who work with my company for long periods of time. 2.07