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Table 3 Dimensions of customer gamification

From: Gamification and service marketing

Survey items Cronbach’s α = .913
Relationship and reward (first dimension) Factor loadings Means
Q5 My relationship with that business is excellent 0.860 4.0
Q6 I have a membership or frequent customer card or related membership. 0.885 4.0
Q7 I receive special treatment with my membership or frequent client card. 0.804 3.8
Q8 The more money I spend in the business, the more benefits I obtain. 0.778 3.9
Competition and fun (second dimension)   
Q12 The company’s website attracts me because it gives me an opportunity to earn benefits. 0.721 3.7
Q13 The company’s website allows me to move to higher levels of participation to receive more benefits. 0.820 3.7
Q14 I like being the best among my friends with gaming activities. 0.738 3.6
Q15 I have fun when I spend time on the website. 0.769 3.7