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Table 1 Physiological characteristics of the participant

From: Physiological alterations after a marathon in the first 90-year-old male finisher: case study

V ˙ O 2 peak (l min-1 ) 2.16
Relative V ˙ O 2 peak (ml min-1 kg-1 BM) 31.5
Relative V ˙ O 2 peak (ml min-1 kg-1 LM) 47.2
Maximal aerobic speed (km h-1) 8.58
HRpeak (beats min-1) 140
V ˙ Epeak (l min-1) 102.4
CMJ Ppeak (kW) 1.69
Relative CMJ Ppeak (W kg-1) 25.2
SJ Ppeak (kW) 1.46
Relative SJ Ppeak (W kg-1) 21.7
MIVT left leg (Nm) 118.1
MIVT right leg (Nm) 109.4
  1. BM, body mass; CMJ, countermovement jump; HR, heart rate; LM, lean mass; MIVT, maximal isometric voluntary torque; Ppeak, peak power; SJ, squat jump; V ˙ Epeak , peak ventilatory expiration volume.