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Table 1 Patient demographics and clinical data

From: Percutaneous sclerotherapy for venous malformations in the extremities: clinical outcomes and predictors of patient satisfaction

Variables n = 40
Agea 28.2(11–69)
Sex (male:female) 11:29
Location of VMb  
  Upper extremity 16(40)
  Lower extremity 24(60)
Previous treatmentb  
  Operation 11(28)
  with sclerotherapy 2(5)
  with TAE 1(3)
Number of sclerotherapy treatmentsa 2.6(1–10)
Sclerosants (partially overlapped)b  
  Polidocanol 37(93)
  Absolute ethanol 11(28)
  Ethanolamine oleate 6(15)
Dose of sclerosants (ml)/sessiona  
  Polidocanol 2.8(0.4-7.0)
  Absolute ethanol 7.4(4.0-13)
  Ethanolamine oleate 11.1(4.5-20)
  1. aData are means. Numbers in parentheses are the range.
  2. bData represent number (percentages) of patients.