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Table 2 Selected characteristics of the patient cohort in the clinical evaluation

From: Successful reduction of alopecia induced by anthracycline and taxane containing adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer – clinical evaluation of sensor-controlled scalp cooling

Median age  
 (neo-)adjuvant CT scalp cooling finished n = 58 47 years (range: 28–74 years)
 Nalliative CT scalp cooling finished n = 6 47 years (range: 25–64 years)
Menopausal status  
 (neo-)adjuvant CT premenopausal: 37 patients
postmenopausal: 32 patients
 Palliative CT premenopausal: 1 patient
postmenopausal: 5 patients
 No information 8 patients
Ethnic phenotype  
 Caucasian 81 patients
 Asian 1 patient (neo-adjuvant CT)
 African 1 patient (neo-adjuvant CT)