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Table 1 Chemical composition of feeds offered during the experiment

From: Effect of Millettia ferruginea (Birbra) foliage supplementation on feed intake, digestibility, body weight change and carcass characterstics of Washera sheep fed natural pasture grass hay basal diet

Chemical fractions Composition g/kg feed for DM and g/kg DM for others
Natural pasture grass hay M. ferruginea leaf hay
DM 920.2 925.3
OM 934.3 894.5
CP 70.1 224.6
NDF 717.8 556.6
ADF 409.4 360.7
ADL 99.7 127.4
  1. DM = dry matter; OM = organic matter; CP = crude protein; NDF = neutral detergent fiber; ADF = acid detergent fiber; ADL = acid detergent lignin.