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Table 2 Erroneous species identifications among the analyzed collection points

From: Evaluation and updating of the Medical Malacology Collection (Fiocruz-CMM) using molecular taxonomy

Previous identification Current identification No. of collection points with each error
Biomphalaria tenagophila Biomphalaria peregrina 10
Biomphalaria tenagophila Biomphalaria glabrata 8
Biomphalaria straminea Biomphalaria kuhniana 5
Biomphalaria peregrina Biomphalaria tenagophila 4
Biomphalaria amazonica Biomphalaria cousini 2
Biomphalaria tenagophila Biomphalaria occidentalis 2
Biomphalaria glabrata Biomphalaria tenagophila 2
Biomphalaria glabrata Biomphalaria straminea 2
Biomphalaria intermedia Biomphalaria peregrina 1
Biomphalaria intermedia Biomphalaria straminea 1
Biomphalaria occidentalis Biomphalaria tenagophila 1
Biomphalaria peregrina Biomphalaria intermedia 1
Biomphalaria peregrina Biomphalaria straminea 1
Biomphalaria prona Biomphalaria kuhniana 1
Biomphalaria schrammi Biomphalaria peregrina 1
Biomphalaria straminea Biomphalaria intermedia 1
Biomphalaria straminea Biomphalaria glabrata 1
Biomphalaria straminea Biomphalaria occidentalis 1
Biomphalaria straminea Biomphalaria oligoza 1
Biomphalaria tenagophila Biomphalaria straminea 1
Biomphalaria tenagophila Biomphalaria tenagophila guaibensis 1
Total number of collection points with errors 48