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Table 1 hPGHSs subjected to N -glycosylation analysis

From: N-glycosylation site occupancy in human prostaglandin H synthases expressed in Pichia pastoris

Recombinant vector Native/ optimised sequence Signal sequence Activity1
optC-termHis6PGHS-1 pHIL-D2 Optimised Native 0
N-termPGHS-2/optC-termHis6 PGHS-1 pHIL-D2 Optimised, except the sequence of PGHS-2 PGHS-2 215 ± 19
C-termHis6PGHS-2-sp pHIL-S1 Native Yeast 577 ± 21
  1. 1pmoles of prostaglandins formed in 10 min per 1 mg (wet weight) of yeast cells. Mean ± S.D. (n = 5).