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Table 4 Significant correlation copy number variation and mRNA in basal-like tumors

From: Coregulation of FANCA and BRCA1 in human cells

Gene symbol Probe ID Linear correlation* P-value FDR P-value**
FANCI 213007_at 0.77 3.23E-09 1.61E-07
FANCF 222713_s_at 0.73 4.93E-08 1.23E-06
FANCI 213008_at 0.72 9.63E-08 1.61E-06
E2F3 203693_s_at 0.70 4.05E-07 5.06E-06
FANCF 218689_at 0.68 1.19E-06 1.19E-05
E2F3 203693_s_at 0.66 3.04E-06 2.54E-05
E2F3 203692_s_at 0.60 3.75E-05 2.68E-04
  1. *Cutoff > 0.60; **Cutoff FDR P-value < 0.05.