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Table 3 Average value to patient of a reduction in side effects

From: Willingness to pay to avoid metastatic breast cancer treatment side effects: results from a conjoint analysis

Attribute Levels Value to patient Average value to patient Importance
Hair loss None/not noticeable 0.5374 0.5374 6
Obvious -0.5374
Fatigue None/full activity 0.6941 0.5628 5
I often need a nap to reset myself 0.1501
Major impact on my activity level -0.8841
Nausea None/easy to ignore 0.7060 0.7709 3
Manageable with OTC medication (eg, Advil, Tylenol) 0.0854
Need prescription-strength medication -0.4654
Diarrhea 2 stools or less per day 0.9371 0.8809 2
3+ loose stools per day 0.3842
Unable to leave the house due to frequency and urgency of diarrhea -1.3213
Risk of infection None/modest 1.090 1.090 1
Hospitalized due to infection -1.090
Tingling in hands and feet None/easy to ignore 0.6693 0.6624 4
Bothersome, but manageable 0.2643
Interferes with daily activities (eg, getting dressed) -0.9336
  1. The average value to patients is the part-worth utility calculated using effects coding. The relative importance of each attribute was determined based on the range of each attribute’s utility values.