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Table 1 Attributes and levels of side effects

From: Willingness to pay to avoid metastatic breast cancer treatment side effects: results from a conjoint analysis

Attribute Level of severity
Mild/Low Moderate/Medium Severe/High
Hair loss None/not noticeable -- Obvious
Fatigue None/full activity I often need a nap to reset myself Major impact on my activity level
Nausea None/easy to ignore Manageable with medication/still eating Can’t eat
Pain None/easy to ignore Manageable with OTC medication (eg, Advil, Tylenol) Need prescription-strength medication
Diarrhea 2 stools or less/day 3+ loose stools per day Unable to leave the house due to frequency and urgency of diarrhea
Risk of infection None/modest -- Hospitalized due to infection
Tingling in hands and feet None/easy to ignore Bothersome but manageable Interferes with activities of daily living (eg, getting dressed)
Out-of-pocket cost $500 $1,000 $3,000
  1. Key: OTC – over-the-counter.