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Table 1 In vitro percent adsorption of aflatoxin by various sequestering agents*

From: Evaluation of mycotoxin sequestering agents for aflatoxin and deoxynivalenol: an in vitro approach

Sequestering agent Amount of aflatoxin, ng/mL Aflatoxin adsorption, %
Initial Unbound1
Control 10.00 10.00 0
 Bentonite A 0.57c 94.3a
 Bentonite B 1.91c 80.9a
 Bentonite C 0.57c 94.4a
 Bentonite D 0.08c 99.2a
 Bentonite E 0.63c 93.7a
 Cellulose A 13.09a −31.0c
 Cellulose B 9.60b 4.0b
 Yeast cell wall 0.73c 92.7a
 Activated charcoal −0.02c 100.2a
 Mixture2 0.34c 96.6a
SEM3 - 0.51 5.06
p-value - < 0.001 < 0.001
  1. *Each least squares mean represents three observations.
  2. 1Calculated in comparison to the control treatment containing no sequestering agent.
  3. 2The mixture product consisted of minerals, microorganism, and phytogenic substances.
  4. 3Standard error of the means.
  5. a-bValues within a column without a common superscript letter differ (p < 0.05).