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Table 4 “Nervous System Development and Function” characterised by differentilly expressed probes in the quadriceps muscles of the control and MFGMEx groups, as determined by using IPA (Ingenuity Pathways Analysis) software v9.0

From: Habitual exercise plus dietary supplementation with milk fat globule membrane improves muscle function deficits via neuromuscular development in senescence-accelerated mice

Functional annotation Differentially expressed genes/total genes P-value
Formation of synapse 8/179 3.33E-05
Growth of neurites 18/708 1.89E-03
Development of neuromuscular junction 4/37 2.54E-03
Outgrowth of neurites 15/614 6.53E-03
Morphogenesis of neurites 7/438 1.58E-02