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Table 3 Frequency of respondents to the practice on disability (%)

From: Social construction of disability and its potential impacts to welfare practice in Vietnamese contexts

Statements Yes (%)
Would you like to make friend with CWD/PWD? 93.3
Should CWD go to school with your child? 92.4
Could you accept a CWD to be your child’s close friend? 86.2
If you had a business, would you hire a CWD/PWD? 77.1
Have you ever given CWD money? 73.8
Would you work for a child with disabilities/people with disabilities? 60.5
Could you be a close friend to a CWD/PWD? 60.5
Would you work alongside a PWD? 43.3
If you saw a CWD on the street would you ignore him/her? 40