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Table 2 Means’ value of statements relating to knowledge on disability

From: Social construction of disability and its potential impacts to welfare practice in Vietnamese contexts

  Statements Means
1 Respect should be shown to CWD 4.60
2 CWD should be treated like everybody else 4.51
3 CWD do not need to learn an academic education 4.51
4 CWD should be given skill training 4.25
5 The community have enough means to create opportunities for CWD to have social integration 4.09
6 CWD should receive social services 3.88
7 CWD have more determination than those with non-disabilities at their age 3.65
8 Could PWD work as well as a person with non-disabilities 3.64
9 CWD should receive charity 3.37
10 CWD should be pitied 2.62
11 CWD are illness 2.34
12 To become a dependant is good choice for a CWD 1.99
13 CWD should be called by their distinctive disability for the sake of remembrance 1.58
14 CWD should be ignored 1.55
  1. (ranged from 1 to 5, 1 is strongly disagreed while 5 is strongly agreed).